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At Dosner, we make it easy for you and your family to enjoy organic, natural and wellness products that are good for your body, mind, soul (and wallet!).

It's our belief that growing, buying, cooking, and eating organic and natural foods is an important part of cultivating happy and healthy communities.

There's many reasons to
Shop Dosner Organic:

Locally Grown

Located in California, our farms grow specialty herbs, chiles and flowers. We also partner with local farmers to provide farm fresh, organic produce.

Organic, Natural, and Wellness

Our products are certified organic and natural. We believe in the importance of organic foods in supporting the health of not only families, but communities as well.

Practicing Sustainability

We believe in the importance of sustainable farming, not just for cultivating healthy foods, but also to in its ability to promote a healthy environment. 

Healthy & Affordable

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy organic and natural foods. Sourcing foods from our own farms, as well as partnering with local farms, ensures we can give the best possible price. 

Proceeds Help Children

A percentage from every sale is donated to St. Judes Childrens Hospital. To make a bigger impact, you can add an additional donation at checkout! 

Health for Everyone

We seek and embrace differences in the background, cultures, and ethnicities of our communities. Regardless of who you are, we believe healthy food should be accessible to ALL!

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